Climbers Campers Quitters

September 24, 2013



Life is like a metaphorical mountain. The Mountain represents our purpose in life. We all have different mountains to climb yet in life, there are 3 types of people: Climbers, Campers, and Quitters.


1) Climbers are those who are determined in their ascent.

  • Climbers make the mundane matter; they change normal tasks or routines into noble quests, which inspires others in the process.
  • Life is a never-ending climb to the top of the mountain. It never gets boring because you will never reach the top because the top is your purpose in life. I believe my purpose in life is to inspire people through speaking, writing, and coaching. I will never run out of people to inspire until the day I die. You see, knowing that the mountain doesn’t have a top will make you more relaxed and just enjoy the ride to the top.


2. Campers are those who settle in their comfort zones.


  • My wife and I went to Cambodia for a speaking engagement. The next day, after my talk, we traveled to the different temples in Cambodia with our hosts. We went to Angkor Wat first, the most famous temple and one of the 8 Wonders of the World. We then moved on to another temple. The third temple is the place where the Angelina Jolie movie Tomb Raider was shot. But I was so tired from the heat of the sun and from walking all day that I chose to stay in the bus. When the others returned after an hour, they were so amazed at the place because it was so different from the other temples we visited. And the best thing about it, there was no sun. I felt bad not being able to join and camp instead of join them for the climb.

3. Quitters are those who have abandoned their ascent.


  • Many quit when the heavy lifting comes. It’s easier to start something, but it’s harder to finish. Ability is over-hyped and over glorified, what’s more important than ability is Finish-Ability! Are you able to finish or will you settle in the comfort zone or quit?

The new Comfort Zone is the Danger Zone. Today, not being capable of taking risks is a big risk.