3 Things we know because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

April 7, 2012

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Resurrection is not revivification — a medical term that means restoration of life, only to die again.

Resurrection is not a resuscitation – reviving someone after a very brief time of death, and is “brought back to life” after a very short time. 

Resurrection takes place when someone dies and returns to physical life forever (i.e. what the Bible refers to as “eternal life.”) 

Because of this, we know that:

1) All the painful things that happen to us in life will eventually turn out for good. 

2) All the good things in our life can never really be taken away from us.  

3) All the best things are yet to come.

-From Paul Barker’s preaching notes.

“Apart from the resurrection, the cross looks like the greatest failure in history. But because of the resurrection, the cross becomes the greatest victory in history.”

“The resurrection is the public ‘Amen’ of the Father to the ‘It is finished’ of the Son.”

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