Adversity builds Relationships

January 20, 2012

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When Kat, my wife, was a few days due with our first baby, I have zero money in the bank. (I’ll tell you what happened in the next point.) Every night I would pray and cry in our bed without showing it to her.

Before I do this, I would kiss her tummy and talk to our baby. While kissing her tummy, a tear fell from my eye. Kat felt it and immediately asked me…”Jayce are you crying?” I wasn’t able to contain myself and I burst into tears.

It was the first time she saw me crying because of a business problem. She started crying and hugged me tightly pleading for me to stop. We we’re both crying hard now. I kissed her lips even though both our faces were drenched with tears.

Then all of a sudden, what the bible calls “THE PEACE OF GOD WHICH TRANSCENDS ALL UNDERSTANDING” filled our hearts.

A supernatural confidence came to both of us. We were truly filled with so much unexplainable joy and peace. I know right there and then that I can lose my business, I can lose all the money I have in the bank, but if God is there for me and my family is with me, then Life is Complete. Everything will be ok.

I learned this lesson the hard way “The most important things in life are not things, the most important things in life are relationships.”

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