Adversity! Friend or Foe?

January 20, 2012

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A question that I’m sure all of us have asked God one way or another is “Why do people have to go through adversity?” More specifically for me, why did our restaurant business fail miserably leaving a trail of despair in it’s midst? Why does God allow such things?

We lost almost P10 million. Blood sweat and tears were all part of the ingredients. It happened at a time when my wife is pregnant with our first baby, at a time when I’ve focused all my efforts in the business while leaving other business opportunities aside. At a time when my mother is in need financially because she was diagnosed with cancer.

I had to talk to investors who lost millions. I had to fend off angry employees. I have to shamelessly negotiate with our leases. I have to beg our suppliers and creditors for extension. I have to borrow money from friends and relatives. Almost everyday I was funding checks that are due. I used up all our savings. I lost almost everything I’ve worked for just to make the business work. It still didn’t. But rather than focus on what the eye can see, I shifted to the things that only the mind and heart can see.

In my search for answers, God has been gracious. I’ve learned more from that single year than all the years of my life combined. One thing that stands out from my recent experience is in making adversity my ally instead of my foe. What did I learn? I’ll be sharing 5 things in the next 5 days about Adversity.

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