Leadership Speaker in the Philippines: Things You Need to Know to Become a Great Boss

February 6, 2018



What are the best things to do to become a great boss and leader?

  1. Building a bond and sense of trust with employees
  2. Learning when to put your foot down
  3. Acknowledging your employees/Praising them
  4. Practicing what you preach
  5. Letting loose
  6. Giving and taking criticism in stride
  7. Keep on striving to be the best


Leadership: The one huge factor that really makes a great boss. Nowadays, being the best boss you can be can be easier said than done at times. Luckily, thanks to some of the most renowned leadership speakers in the Philippines, being the best boss brings you one step closer to reaching your ultimate leadership capabilities.

With that said, it’s best to know all that you need to know when it comes to leadership. If you’re looking for more enlightenment on this matter, here are some of the best things for you to absorb:

Build a Bond and a Sense of Trust with the People You Work With

Build a Bond and a Sense of Trust with the People You Work With

Any leadership speaker from the Philippines would agree with this notion that this act can put you one step closer to being the best boss you can be, and ultimately a great leader to be looked up to. In any case, building a bond and a sense of trust with the people you work with can be a really great way to start building yourself up to be the best overall person you can be. After all, nothing says ‘great leader’ than a great boss that knows how to jive and have fun with his/her colleagues.

Another thing to note about this is that while being jovial with your co-workers and subordinates can be a good thing to do, it’s not (and shouldn’t) be a hindrance to your work. It’s important to put your foot down in numerous instances, which will be explained further in the next paragraph.


Learn When to Put Your Foot Down

Of course, one thing that really makes a great boss and leader is having the ability to know when to put your foot down. Not only is it a factor in decision-making, it’s also a great way in managing the workplace. Simply put: all you’ll need to do is find the perfect balance between humor and seriousness. That way, your colleagues will know when is the right time to have fun and get down to business.

Acknowledge Your Employees

Acknowledge Your Employees

One thing you can do when it comes to forming a bond with your employees/colleagues is remembering them and what they have done for the team. In fact, one of the most advised steps to take that’s recommended by a number of leadership speakers in the Philippines is the simple act of praising your employees for their various accomplishments. That way, not only will you be building a bond with them, you’ll also be able to inspire them to keep shooting for the moon. After all, one trait that makes a great boss and an even greater leader is none other than inspiring others.


Don’t Just Dictate; Do!

One thing that most people misunderstand when it comes to being a boss and leader is that all you’d need to do is to dictate and delegate the tasks to each and every employee under your stead. However, one thing that trumps all that is the very act of doing what they do, whether it’s to help them out or to simply just accomplish what needs to be accomplished. After all, a great leader must ‘practice what they preach.’

Let Loose

Let Loose

No one likes a boss that’s too strict and uptight. For the sake of your team, and for yours as well, always remember that it’s okay to let loose every once in a while. Just have fun, unwind, and see where the wind takes you as you strive to be the best leader you can be!


Give and Take Criticism with Stride

Criticism is never far behind in any field of work you specialize in or manage in. Either way, as the boss, it’s important to give criticisms (the constructive kind) here and there for your employees in order to ensure that they do a better job. Also, no one is perfect—and since you are their boss, your employees also have the right to give their fair share of criticisms as well. With that said, simply listen to what they have to say and take them in with a stride.


Keep Striving for the Best

The road to being the best boss and leader is definitely not easy! With that said, you’ll need to keep striving for nothing but the best. Remember, each and every leadership speaker in the Philippines would agree that there are more ways to keep aiming for the top. All you’ll need to do is to never give up!


Key Takeaway

Being the boss is definitely hard, particularly if you are continually striving for excellence and for the best. But don’t worry, because you can definitely become a great boss by following all the tips we listed above.

Take them into heart and one day, for sure, you will become the best boss you can ever be.

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