Belling the Cat

September 29, 2012

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Once upon a time, all the mice living in a great house met to discuss how they could protect themselves against the attacks of a big, clever cat, which had come to live in the same house.

Many ideas were put forward. At last one mouse said, “I think I have the perfect solution. We must obtain possession of a bell, which I know how to do, and then we  must hang the bell round the neck of the cat. Whenever the cat moves, the bell will ring. Thus we shall always be warned when she is creeping close to attack us.”

“Wonderful! Marvelous!” cheered the other mice. “That is the solution. A bell must be hung around the neck of the cat. Why did no one think of that before? Our troubles are over.”

Everyone thanked the mouse who had made the brilliant suggestion and a gift of grain was granted to him.

Among all the cheers and murmurs of approval, a little voice belonging to a small, unimportant mouse was heard, asking, “But who will hang the bell around the neck of the cat?

There was silence, which grew longer and longer. Then there was a shuffling of feet as all the mice remembered important engagements to which they had to hurry away. No one ever mentioned the idea of belling the cat again.

-From Aesop’s Fables

What is the lesson of the story? Ideas are everywhere. They are a dime a dozen. However, do you have the COURAGE to transmute your ideas into reality? 

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