Conquer Your First Step!

April 22, 2020



Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the old world has gone – the new normal has come. How to conquer the first step to a new normal:


1. Conquer the first step.

The first step is always the scariest. We get depressed and paralyzed when we are afraid. Be friend your emotions and search deep within, “Why am I scared?” Move from being afraid to being aware. 

2. Baby Steps

Take it one day at a time. A baby wobbles, falls down, trip, or get a little hurt. It is simply part of the process of walking. Every step is a new adventure and an enormous milestone for babies. 

A baby needs to develop muscles to gain strength. What muscles do you need to develop now in this new normal? What is the most important thing you need to learn in this season?

3. Enter the New Normal

Years ago, Facebook wasn’t normal. Twitter wasn’t normal. Youtube wasn’t normal. Even texting wasn’t normal. The new normal is coming. Will you adapt quickly or get left behind?

4. Crisis is an opportunity to either advance, or stay where you are.

No more blaming, no more excuses, no more feeling down – enter the new normal with the mind of a baby… willing to learn. Be excited for each step is going to be an adventure of a lifetime.


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