Debtermined Foreword by Randell Tiongson

August 25, 2014



Foreword by Randell Tiongson:


Debtermined chosen cover

“What? Another personal finance book?”

That was my initial reaction when my friend, Jayson Lo,
told me about a book he was working on. While I generally
encourage people to write more books on personal finance, I was
initially concerned for my friend, as he is more known in the area
of personal development than personal finance.

Jayson told me that his new book is different from the
usual personal finance books. In fact, he told me that it would not
be a personal finance book at all. I was a bit intrigued because his
new book is about ‘debt,’ and yet it would not be a personal finance
book. I have known Jayson for many years, and I have been privy
to how he got free from the bondages of debt. I told him that if he
were to write a book about his experience, I would give him my full
support and encouragement.

Upon reading this book you now hold, Jayson made me
realize that debt is less of a finance issue and more of a behavioral
concern. It will make any reader realize that no matter how deep
the financial problem one faces, the solutions are much simpler if
we have the right attitude and are willing to make significant life
changes—as Jayson did.

This book is beyond getting out of debt. This book will
give you a good awakening; a jolt of some sort on how to live a life
of satisfaction, a life of contentment, and a life full of joy. Where
many personal finance books failed (including mine), Jayson Lo’s
DEBTERMINED succeeds—going to the core of many finance
problems… the heart.

Randell Tiongson is one the country’s most recognized
authority on personal finance. He is the author of best-selling
personal finance books (“No Nonsense Personal Finance, a Step
by Step Guide” and “Money Matters”) and a columnist for the
Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Watch out for Debtermined coming out this September!

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