Discover the Magic of this Simple Act

September 1, 2014



Here is a one thing you can do every morning to prime your entire day in a positive, fresh, and expectant way. The moment you wake up and open your eyes – Smile! Try this now: close your eyes and with your eyes closed, give your biggest smile. Hold it for 10 seconds. Now open your eyes. Check how you are feeling now.

“It is not being happy that makes you smile; it is smiling that makes you happy.”


Scientists from Carnegie Mellon wrote in an academic journal Psychological Bulletin mentioning the health benefits to smiling: reduces stress, increases mood, and lowers blood pressure. Smiling has been found to reduce the overall experience of pain by increasing the levels of endogenous opioids (whatever that is) in the body.

Smiling helps us relax and give us a positive attitude. It has been revealed that people with big, beaming smiles possess an improved sense of overall well-being. A Chinese Proverb states, “Every smile makes you a day younger.”

Start the day right by smiling. It is a simple way to start the day feeling great!

(Source: Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act -TED books by Ron Gutman)

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