How Effective Communication Can Make You a Successful Leader

July 27, 2018



How does utilizing effective communication make you a successful leader?

  1. Aids in healthy relationship building
  2. Contributes to professional image
  3. Solves many problems
  4. Welcomes feedback



Leadership and communication are very closely intertwined as one cannot become a successful leader without learning how to master and utilize effective communication. It is an extremely powerful tool, and every leadership speaker in the Philippines will vouch for its importance.

Effective communicators aren’t always leaders, but the most successful and influential leaders are all effective communicators. They know how to command a room with their words and actions. Their ideas are thought of, expressed, and shared with complete clarity regardless of their audience.

There are many more ways in which effective communication can turn a good leader into a great one, and we’ve listed them below!



Aids in Healthy Relationship Building

We don’t need to stress how important it is for leaders to establish healthy and positive relationships with their subordinates, peers, associates, and clients. These relationships are what keeps the world spinning, and it is impossible to build them without any means of communication.

Better and stronger relationships allow people to respond to your directions better. Even informal conversations in the pantry or break can help foster these relationships, so always use any excuse or opportunity to talk with your peers and acquaintances.



Contributes to Professional Image

Contributes to Professional Image

Your professional image is based heavily on how you communicate – on how you use verbal and non-verbal communication. Articulating your words, making eye contact with your audience, and speaking with confidence aids not only in the delivery of your message but also in showing people that you know what you’re talking about.

As a result, they will be more inclined to treat you with respect instead of showing frustration over your faults. Speaking like a true and effective leader also sets a great example for your subordinates and prompts them to follow in your footsteps.



Solves Many Problems

No team, organization, or company is without any conflict. Whether personal or business-related, these problems will always arise and someone is responsible to deal with them. Dispersing heated-arguments and solving internal conflict is often the responsibility of the leader.

Conflict resolution needs to be carried out carefully and strategically. A single wrong utterance – accidental or not – can worsen the problem and make people foster more hate, which is why it is important to know how to communicate during these moments.



Welcomes Feedback

Welcomes Feedback

Communication should never be a one-way street. It should not just be you speaking and throwing out ideas or criticisms. At some point, you should be on the listening end and openly welcome feedback from your peers and subordinates. Hearing and actually listening to other’s opinions of who will only help you grow more as a leader.

Aside from listening to feedback and criticisms, it is also important to keep the line of communication between the two parties in order to create a united entity. In the work setting, it is important to have a transparent and free flow of expressions because it helps avoid conflict and helps invite more creative ideas from the front lines.



Key Takeaway         

One of the things that successful leaders have learned to utilize on their climb to the top is effective communication. It is beneficial in many ways and we can guarantee that you’ll hear of it from the best leadership speaker in the Philippines. So if you’re thinking of being a leader in your very own field, always remember that effective communication is one of the few things that will help you achieve that goal!

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