Friends are Vital in our Work

September 2, 2013



“A workplace without friends is an enemy.”

People who have a best friend at work are seven times as likely to be engaged in their job than those who don’t. The lesson? Make friends at work!

Building genuine friendships are vital to many aspects of our life. It is vital in our:

Health – If your best friend has a very healthy diet, you are 5 times as likely to have a very healthy diet yourself.

Marriage – “It’s not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” What leads couples to divorce? The determining factor is the quality of the couple’s friendship. It accounts for 70% of overall marital satisfaction.

Work -Without a best friend at work, the chances of being engaged in your job are 1 in 12.

  • Just 30% of employees report having a best friend at work.
  • People with at least 3 close friends at work were 96% more likely to be extremely satisfied with their life.
  • Only 20% of employees dedicate time to developing friendships on the job.


So what is a Vital Friend? A vital friend is someone who measurably improves your life. A person at work or in your personal life whom you can’t afford to live without. Find vital friends, the satisfaction you get from your work won’t be the same without them.

-Read the book Vital Friends.

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