Have a Customer for Life!

May 3, 2012

Be YOUnique Blog


If you want a customer for life, you have to first establish a relationship with them. Then tell them a “compelling story” about you, your company, or your organization — who you are and what you can give — then continuously engage them with “your story.”

Here’s an allegory to illustrate my point:

Hilda lived in an Arabian land ruled by a crazy dictator. Every day the dictator married a beautiful woman. After enjoying their honeymoon, he beheaded her.

When  it was Hilda’s turn to wed the king, she knew that she might be cancelled the next day. But she knew how to keep a customer for life to keep her life. Her strategy was brilliant. That night, before she and the king went to bed, she told him a story. It was interesting, personal, and relevant so the king was eager to know what happened next. 

As the story ends, Hilda decides she was too tired to continue and would finish the story later. The next morning she turned to the king and said, “I guess it’s time for my beheading.” The king, eager to hear how the story turned out, interjected.  “No my dear. We can wait until tomorrow. Tonight you will complete the story.”

Each night for 1,001 nights, Hilda finished a story and told a new story promising to give the ending tomorrow. After more than 3 years, the king forgot beheading her. She had a customer for life.

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