Hi Pastor Jayson, I’ve been thinking about getting a life insurance in Sun Life Financial. However, I am a bit skeptic whether to go for it or not because I am really clueless about Individual Insurance, Mutual Funds, Variable Life Insurance, Group Insurance and Pre-Need plans. Furthermore, I don’t know what is the best for me. Hope you can help me decide. Thanks! :)

May 22, 2012

Be YOUnique Blog


Everyone needs insurance, but the product we need differs depending on: your age, your goals, your budget, and your status in life.

The best way to decide is to study the different options presented to you. Don’t buy or get into something that you don’t understand. How will you know if you understood something? If you can tell it to a friend in conversational fashion.

Insurance by default is not an investment, it’s to protect you and your wealth from unexpected events. Although today, there are many hybrid insurance programs such as an insurance combined with mutual funds. 

I am not in any way affiliated with Sunlife so I give you unbiased advise when I say Sunlife is a very good company. I myself have an insurance package from Sunlife, some I bought 12 years ago.

Remember that an insurance or an investment is just a product. Your financial strategy is what’s important because those products will have to fit in your overall plan. And the best time to buy an insurance is when you don’t need it because you won’t be able to buy one if you do.

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