What Are the 4 Most Important Qualities of a Leader?

June 21, 2018



What are the most essential attributes of a leader?

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Integrity
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Great decision making



It is not easy to be a good leader. Even though the actions of a leader tend to be scrutinized when things are not going well, it is the qualities of their leadership that shine through the worst of times. It is their inspired talks, as well as their qualities that employees look up to, work very hard for, and respect.

In reality, leadership is not just about the seniority of a person or reaching a particular position. Just because a person has worked for a company for many years does not necessarily mean that he or she has gained the skills and qualities to lead a team. Getting promoted to a managerial position does not always turn you into a good leader. High-ranking officials like CEOs do not always have great leadership skills, either.

Good leadership is about honing and acquiring new skills. With leadership skills, you are able to become a role model for a team no matter the environment. Here are the four most important qualities of a leader:




True, sincere enthusiasm for a business, its services, its products, and its mission cannot be faked. Employees can recognize a leader who is not sincere right away. When leaders are sincerely passionate and enthusiastic, however, it tends to be contagious.

Experts in the industry agree that being enthusiastic can help a leader find out any existing problems in his or her workplace. Innovation usually starts with these problems and ends with new products and services with some of the important issues already resolved.





Great leaders show integrity at all times, whether it is acknowledging their mistakes, putting quality and safety first, or giving the right credit for the accomplishments of his or her team. Effective leaders do what is right, even if that is not exactly the best thing for the project they are currently doing or even the bottom line.

It can be almost impossible to recover when employees see evidence that their leader lacks integrity. It is difficult to get back the trust that is lost.



Good Communication Skills

Leaders must instruct, discipline, and motivate the people they are in charge of. They are going to find it very hard to accomplish even just one of these things if they are not skilled at communicating or inspired talks.

In addition, having poor communication skills can often lead to poor results. Leaders who fail to develop their communication skills are often seen as mealy-mouthed and weak. Leaders should also remember that listening is an important part of communication.


Great decision making 

Great Decision Making 

A good leader not simply empowered by their position to make decisions. They should be willing to take on the risks that might come with the decisions that they make. Leaders make these decisions and accept the fact that if things somehow do not work out, they are expected to hold themselves liable first and foremost.

Bosses who are not decisive are usually ineffective. If a boss spends too much time and effort into making a decision, it can have a negative effect. Instead of just making a decision, ineffective leaders allow the debate to continue and then make a small decision that does not satisfy anyone.



Key Takeaway

These are just a few of the skills you need to have in order to become a good leader. As a leader, you will have to set an example for your employees to follow.

Good leadership qualities can make you stand out. If you lack them, however, you might find yourself struggling to make a mark in the world of leadership.

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