Inspired Talks: Why You Should Practice Your Creativity

November 29, 2018



Why you should practice your creativity?

  1. You will become smarter
  2. You reach your goals faster
  3. You live with purpose


Creativity, as stated by many inspired talks and important figures will say, is not a moment. Rather, it is a process to be practiced. People who want to be creative will read literature and just think quietly about life every day.

Yet, a lot of people find these burdensome to do. They rather just stick to how they usually think, even if it is not helping them anymore. If you are one of these people, then these are the reasons why you should practice your creativity:


You will become smarter

You will become smarter

Literature includes poetry, books, and short stories. Unlike the content you see online, these pieces of literature force you to read seemingly unconnected words and form important connections out of them. You are literally forced to think differently from the usual. Getting into this type of thinking is essential if you want to be creative.

Besides changing the way that you think, reading books outside your expertise increases your load of knowledge. The facts you read today may not help for present concerns at work or school. But in the future, you will remember and it will help you solve a difficult problem quicker than your peers. You will be thankful that you bothered to explore outside what you knew.

The great thing about this tip if you are not limited to any book genre. You can choose to go with fiction, self-improvement books made by life coaches in the Philippines, and more. It doesn’t matter. You are sure to find something new in each genre you choose to read for 30 minutes a day.


You reach your goals faster


If you think about it, the main reason why you want to be more creative is that you have a goal to reach. It doesn’t even have to be an artistic one. Maybe your goal is to find a new product to market in your company or if you’re a scientist, it could be what unique topic of research is viable to do.

Sometimes, we fall into a stump. We keep asking help from experts. We keep reading sources for useful information, such as inspired talks, but nothing creative comes into our mind. Maybe, it’s time to just be quiet and have a thinking session about your goal so far

To make your thinking session worthwhile, you can follow these tips:

  • Write down your stream of consciousness for 3 straight pages
  • Ask these questions in you hear:
    • What is the quickest step for progress towards my goal?
    • At what point of the creative process, am I currently?
    • What is scaring me from moving forward?


You live with purpose

You live with purpose

Life coaches in the Philippines will keep reminding their clients that having purpose is one of the most important components to living a good life. Now, most people will find it hard to see the connection between creativity and purpose. Yet without a purpose, why would you bother thinking outside the box? If you start just thinking of a purpose to do something every day for one aspect of your life, like work, it soon becomes a habit. You find new creative perspectives in life every day.


Key Takeaway

Many people find it bothersome to practice your creativity. Yet, there will be times when our old way of thinking is not helpful anymore in different aspects of life such as work. When you actually take time to practice your creativity, you will be awarded with the benefits stated in this list.

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