Invest in Experiences, Not Things

February 29, 2012

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Alexa turned 2 last February 27. Time flies so fast. She doesn’t have hair when she was younger, but look at her now. We went to Tagaytay over the weekend. Then on her birthday, She celebrated it in the morning with her classmates at her school in Schoolroom (AIC tower near Robinsons Galleria). In the evening, we invited some of her friends of the same age along with their parents in Mcdonalds.

Small things count. Alexa sang “Happy Birthday” and tried to blow her cake, but she is still quite oblivious to what’s going on. At 2 years old, children don’t know that they’re celebrating their birthday.

I realized afterwards that we’re not just celebrating her birthday for her, we’re celebrating it for us. We are investing in the memories of our experiences together as a family. No one can go back in time yet when we view the pictures we’ve taken of these experiences, the feeling you had at that moment comes rushing back in. This happens even when that memory happened decades ago.

Compare that to things. I used to have a Playstation. Then I bought a Playstaion 2. Now there’s Playstation 3. My first cellphone was a Nokia 5110. I had around 10 other cellphones after that. I can’t recall some of them anymore. ipad, ipad 2, ipad 3…what’s next?

Things are but for a moment, Memories of our Experiences lasts a lifetime.

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