It’s one of those days

October 19, 2012

Be YOUnique Blog


We’re off to Iloilo when something unexpected and unbelievable happened (at least for me), the plane left without us. We were waiting in a coffee shop for the announcement to board — little did we know that they don’t announce boarding flights in that section of the waiting area.

We missed the 5:45am flight, next one is 8:35am. Our scheduled talk is 9am. The rebooking counter instructed us to go back at 7:50am to find out if there are cancellations from other passengers, and that’s the only time we will know if we can join that flight. The next one after that is 11:30am. 

When something like this happens, I call it: “One of those days.” This is the first time it happened to both me and the host I’m with. In these moments, our first response is to get angry, or to blame someone; but our initial reaction should be just to laugh at the situation; or better yet, laugh at yourself. This will relieve a lot of stress.

The next step is to pray because it’s already out of your control. Pray that God’s favor will be there ahead of you — so that is what I’m doing now. Let’s see what happens. I wrote this blog in 10 minutes, if you are reading it before 7:50am today, please pray with me =)

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