Make mistakes

September 3, 2012



It’s ok to make mistakes; just make new ones.

All of us must fail in life first before we can succeed. In fact, I have never met a successful person who haven’t failed—it is an integral ingredient towards success.

Failure is also part of learning. Whenever you fail, remember that it’s like eating nuts. Eat the nuts but dump the shells. Take in all you can learn yet throw away the feelings of failure and delete it in your mind. Failure is not a person; failure is just an event. It is not you!

If you haven’t failed in life then you are camping in comfort zone territory. You’re relishing the status quo. You live along “No Change Street in Status Quo City.” The only way to get out is to move out!

Today is the day, tomorrow is going to be better. Make mistakes, don’t be afraid to fail, and treat failure as a friend … a friend who will teach you about success.

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