Make Reading Your Weapon Of Preparation

November 20, 2013

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Reading is one of the most important habits for self-development. There are many reasons why we should read, but this post is not about the advantages of reading; rather my goal is to make a stark distinction: Don’t simply read.. STUDY!

Studying is reading with a purpose. It will give you a path to self-directed education that would eventually become a strategic weapon in this competitive world. You may ask, why would I need to be reading when I could be out doing? Well, reading will make ‘your doing’ easier by giving you clear thought.

We are living in the Information Age, and having information is handy. But don’t just try to gather information, do your best to get the right kind of information you need. I got this from a leadership book: “One of the biggest secrets to high achievement in life is to make reading your weapon of preparation.”

Don’t simply read, study! Read with a Purpose.


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