Need To Succeed Pointers: Make your Passion Profitable!

April 25, 2012

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When I do talks in campuses about entrepreneurship, the most frequently asked question I get is “What’s a good business venture? — to which my reply is always — “Look for something you are passionate about that matches your gifts and talents.”

I say this because if you are passionate about something but you are not good at it, it’s called a hobby. You won’t make much money out of it. On the other hand, if you are passionate about something and you’re good at it, that’s what I call an opportunity. This is probably one of those things that is sooo obvious that we miss it.

Therefore the first step in starting a business/career is to find something you love or passionate about, learn and hone your skills in that endeavor, then figure out a way “to make that passion profitable!” 

I’m excited for NEED TO SUCCEED tonight. I’ll be giving a talk on how to be successful by being YOUnique. I will be sharing concepts that will debunk the idea of “make quick money” or be “an overnight millionaire.” There’s just no way to accomplish that unless you win the lottery. (Study shows that most lotto winners lose all their winnings in 3 years).

Christian Baustista will also give a testimony on his journey towards success. I’m thrilled to hear his testimony for the first time.

May God be glorified tonight as we shift people’s hearts and minds in relation to the truth about success.

Join us tonight: April 25, 7pm, Victory Center 4th Fl. V-Mall Greenhills! Admission is for free.

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