Need To Succeed week 1 Highlights

April 18, 2012

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Need To Succeed is a 3-week event by Victory Greenhills every Wednesdays. The purpose is to build more relationships in church thru Small Groups.

The place was packed with 400 people, 280 of which do not belong to a small group yet.

I had the honor of hosting the event. We started with some games and a warm-up question for the attendees. The question I asked, “What is success to you and how will you know that you have attained it?”

YENG CONSTANTINO then gave a powerful testimony about Success! Her one point: Success comes from Glorifying God! Her song number was equally powerful!  We’ll show a video of her testimony soon. 

“Top-ranked Motivational Speaker ARDY ABELLO closed the evening with his message, “The True Meaning of Success!”

It was Amesome!!! He used biblical principles and secular examples to drive the point home. He ended his talk by saying: Success comes from God!

We are believing that these seminars can transform lives. Need To Succeed exposes what success really is, and what it’s not. You can find out more about success on the next Need To Succeed!

Need to Succeed pointers: The True source of success!

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