Need To Succeed week 2 Highlights

April 20, 2012

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for week 2 of Need To Succeed. From 400 people last week, 560 people who wants to learn more about success showed up. A special shout out to all the leaders who volunteered to facilitate the discussion groups.

We gave out 4 books (“For Richer For Poorer’” by Chinkee Tan) to 4 favored attendees who won by looking under their chairs for post-its. Before claiming their prize, each daringly gave their own view of success.

Award-Winning Artist and Songwriter, and former lead singer of Moonstar 88…ACEL,  gave a testimony on how our identity should be centered on God. Her one point on success came in the form of a question: What are the trophies you are working hard for? It was also a continuation of last week’s testimony as Acel had a major role in helping Yeng Constantino with her walk with God.

Chink Positive and “Wealth Coach” CHINKEE TAN closed the evening with a powerful 3 point message using his entertaining style to present practical wisdom. His 3-Point Message: Patience + Persistence + Prayer = Success! 

He also shared “The Gospel” and asked those who wants to receive JESUS CHRIST in their life, not to wait, so that they can have a relationship with God starting today. 

Join us next Wednesday as our Need To Succeed series culminates. 

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