One on One with Pacquiao

June 15, 2012

Be YOUnique Blog


It was quite ironic that in my preaching last Sunday, the day of the Pacquiao—Bradley fight, I told the congregation that life is not about winning, it’s about fighting. Before you win, sometimes you have to lose first. Losing is a prerequisite to success.

Losing is as important as winning. I love how Manny handled defeat. In the past, he showed everyone how to win (7 years straight); but in this fight, he more importantly showed how one should lose…with Dignity, Respect, and Honor!

Pacquiao was actually fighting for these things even before the bell rang. That’s why when he lost, he was holding dearly that which is important to him — Dignity, Respect, and Honor! 

What’s the lesson? Fight for the right things! Work to earn money for the right motives…fight for your time, fight to provide well and above your families’ needs, fight so you can achieve your dreams to inspire peoople to have dreams of their own. Fight!

One thing that I fight for is my faith and love for God, to show to those around me that He is there, He exists, He cares and He should be the center of our life. As you fight for your faith in God, something magical happens, He also fights for you.

Thank you Pacquiao for teaching us how to Fight! By the way, Pacquiao started a few months ago, fighting for his faith and love for God. What a coincidence. =)

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