4 Questions Leadership Speakers Should Ask Themselves

April 26, 2018



What are the questions every leadership speaker should ask themselves for personal motivation?

  1. What is really important to me?
  2. What else does this mean?
  3. Who will help me?
  4. Who should I help?


Talking about self-development is the very core of what every leadership speaker in the Philippines does. A great leader should be able to actively listen to and build rapport with clients. But there are times that even a leadership speaker that has given the most inspiring talks can lack motivation and think that they are unlikely to help effect a lasting change.

An important aspect of self-development is the ability to compile an authoritative list of questions that can help you motivate yourself. Having an introspective mind is key to being an effective leadership speaker. Here are 4 questions every leadership speaker should ask themselves for personal motivation.


What is really important to me?

 What is really important

This question is based on your values that if you ask yourself enough times, will allow you to know who you are as a leadership speaker in the Philippines. Whatever your answer to this question may be, you should always follow up and ask the question of “What does that give me?”

Ask yourself this question over and over again until you are no longer able to go any further and end up with a single-word answer. Cherish this one word you got from this question because you just discovered a new core value of yours.


What else does this mean?


This is possibly the best question on this list for leadership speakers and something that they should ask themselves on a daily basis. This question can create a curiosity within you and gives you an opportunity to reframe any negative situation into a positive.

What’s not to love about that?


Who will help me?

 Giving Help

Most people and even some leadership speakers become obsessed with doing everything that they need to do in order to succeed. Fortunately, success leaves a trail; a trail which you can follow.

There is a good chance that whatever it is you want to do or achieve as a leadership speaker, somebody has either done the exact same thing or at least something similar in the past.

If you feel down and unmotivated in any of your inspired talks, you can talk to these people that came before you, read about them, and even hire these people if you can. You should not believe that you need to do everything yourself to get the help you need.


Who should I help?


This question can help you get out of your own head as a leadership speaker and allows you to focus on helping others instead. During the times when you are not feeling motivated, you might even think that you do not really want to help others even if that is part of your job.

Consider this the next time you feel like not helping others: there have been studies that have shown that altruism and the act of helping others can actually stimulate the parts of your brain associated with happiness.

Helping people might just be the one thing that you as a leadership speaker should excel at, so remember to ask yourself who needs your help today.


Key Takeaway


Being motivated is having the drive to accomplish and achieve what you want. Leadership speakers should not just laze around all day and expect people to give them what they want. Rather, they should start the day early, hustle, and take focused action.

Find out what you really want as an individual, fight through the period of discomfort and pain, and start being who you want to be as a leadership speaker.

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