How Reading Can Help in Leadership Speaking

April 30, 2018



How can reading help you become the best leadership speaker you can be?

  • Reading helps you to know your audience
  • It helps you to establish a commitment to your audience
  • It helps you to deliver a clear message


Reading and writing go hand and hand. Reading allows a person to have more in-depth knowledge about a certain topic and it also creates new perspectives towards the said topic. It helps develop the grammar and vocabulary of a person, and it also helps in having a wide range of ideas worth pondering.

But does reading really make a better speaker? When one reads, they will be inspired by talks of different people through the written pages and it then translates into speaking skills that are unparalleled. This is because reading inspires the speaker to choose the right words to share their thoughts. Most leadership speakers in the Philippines are well-known authors and they have honed their craft by reading the ideas of many different thinkers.

Does reading make you a better leadership speaker? The Philippines can attest to that because there are a lot of motivational speakers who inject the power of the written word in their talks. Inspired by these authors, they then proceed to share this knowledge with their audience.

Not only will it make a speaker knowledgeable, but it also allows them to brush up on what trends are making waves in their industries. So, to answer the questions of whether the benefits of reading can transcend to the craft of public speaking, the answer is a resounding “YES”!

A reader becomes a good conversationalist as well because verbal communication will come naturally to them. This will make speakers politically correct as well which will distinguish them from the rest because leadership speakers can give a better overview of the topic. Leadership speakers who read, understand the importance of the tone and mood of words, and this will further translate to their time with their audience.

With that said, here are some of the best reasons to help support the impact of reading on being the best leadership speaker you can be:


You’ll have an established commitment to the audience


By reading up on new ideas to deliver, you renew your sense of commitment to your audience every time. An attentive member of the audience will always know if their leadership speaker is not fully engaged in the scope of the topic. A speech or presentation will fail to establish a reaction from the audience unless a speaker is fully committed.

That goal is achieved through the leadership speaker’s willingness to be immersed in their presentation. Speakers who engage their audiences will come off as genuine.

There are many leadership speakers who make the mistake of being uneasy in their presentation which affects it greatly. As they fail to commit to their audience, they won’t receive the same engagement in return. A dull and insincere presentation is not as engaging as a natural, and lively one with utmost authenticity.

You have to feel a sense of purpose, urgency, a sense of wanting to connect with the audience, the same way that you feel when you are reading a good book. Establishing a commitment to your audience means you must be immersed in your talk. Connect with the audience the same way your favorite author connects with you.


Know your audience

Public audience

It is remotely impossible to know every single one of your audience but you can know the collective engagement that they will reward you with if you are an effective leadership speaker. Develop an effort to understand them by setting the correct tone in order for them to be engaged and connected.

Knowing your audience means you know what they want to hear from you. The same way that you feel when you pick up a book, you would know what you will expect from them. Being a reader will equip you the same versatility as the materials you peruse, you will present a clear idea of what your presentation is about and you can leave room for a surprise as well.

By knowing your audience, you understand that you need to relay your topic and what importance it will give them. Leadership speakers should be non-discriminatory, same as in reading, do not assume that you will identify with every single story.


Develop a clear message


Leadership speakers should be as authentic as possible. Authenticity also requires a concise meaning to every presentation. You need to develop a clear message that will be genuinely felt by your audience. Establish a firm ground on where you are coming from, why the topic has been created and shared with your audience.

Avoid using novice wordplay to an experienced audience and do not be condescending to an amateur crowd.

Stand tall but not too much that your audience cannot reach your point. The goal is to inspire them to be great leaders and to do that, you should walk the talk. This is why reading helps in becoming a great leadership speaker because you will know the importance and power of a significant message – deliver yours as concisely and clearly as you can.


Key Takeaway


The benefits of reading are great for a leadership speakers because it translates into the effectiveness of their presentations. Whether you are speaking in a corporate or a casual setting, you will be able to present the importance of your topics as clearly as possible.

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