Sales is an Honorable Profession

October 10, 2012

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I’ll be leaving in the afternoon to Vigan Ilocos (7-hour drive) until tomorrow to conduct a training for Philamlife called “The Art of Selling.” 

I’ve also been involved in sales and marketing for 10 years before I left to focus on a start-up restaurant business. Even though I’m not affiliated with any company anymore for the past 6 years, I continue to love salespeople and networkers. 

Although they are some of the most misunderstood groups because of our negative connotation towards selling, sales is an honorable profession; and very lucrative as well to those who will work and commit to it. I know how hard they have to work despite the rejection that comes along with selling. 

Its interesting whenever I get a chance to interview the best of the best from different sales and networking companies, the top guys will always tell you they are not doing it for the money…they are in sales because of their love for their families. They searched for a way to provide the needs of their family; but in return, thru a sales career opportunity, they were also able to provide the wants and dreams that their family desires. They discovered that sales is the vehicle they can use to achieve financial freedom.

The vehicles we use towards success may be different from each other. Do remember that a career in sales or network marketing can be a vehicle you can ride to reach your dreams in life. There’s no harm in trying.

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