Sam Milby Despedida

February 9, 2012

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We went to Sam’s house where his despedida party took place, attended by a few friends and colleagues. Sam is off to uncharted territory, in U.S. soil, where he is going to try his hand on TV soap opera in the states. He will be gone for a few months, hopefully longer, because his stay there would determine his success in getting roles.

I remember I started watching Glee when it was announced that Charice will be a guest. She only appeared twice but it was a proud moment for us pinoys. (I stopped watching Glee because I can’t take how salacious and filthy the series is.)

I would love to see Sam successful there. He is already so comfortable here but he wants to set his bar higher. I’m amazed at how he’s willing to take risks and go out of his comfort zone to pursue his new goal.

During his party, he recalls a time in his childhood where he competed as a five year old ice skater. He said that in three separate competitions, he didn’t go out to the skating rink when his name was called. He was too shy. On the fourth occasion, he still opted not to compete. His coach then convinced him to go out by promising Sam that he would quit smoking (the coach) if he does. That’s the first time he competed. It’s a funny story but look at where he is today.

Even with all the success, he is still a shy guy; nevertheless, he knows that going out of the country is something he’s called to do.

I’ve known Sam even before his Big Brother days and I can tell you this one thing about him, despite all the success, HE HAS NEVER CHANGED. He is still the same humble guy we’ve known and love. All the best for you Sam! Go and make pinoys everywhere proud.

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