Some of my talks for the Youth and in Schools

December 20, 2013

Speaking Engagements


Vietnam Young Pros

Topic: Maximizing One’s Potential. Going to Vietnam for this speaking engagement was an awesome experience. The Vietnamese are very focused and competitive. I shared many success principles with them, but at the same time, I gave a bird’s eye view of what success really is. It’s not just what you have but what you become. I heard that Vietnamese aren’t polite in seminars. If they don’t like you, they will leave. Whew, everyone stayed until 10:00pm. It’s also fortunate that I had a good translator. And best of all – the FOOD. Vietnamese food is the best!


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UST University of Santo Tomas for JMA Junior Marketing Association at the Medicine Auditorium.

Topic: Leadership & Sales. Almost 1,000 students attended the talk. I studied in UST for 1 1/2 years so I’m familiar with the place, but it has changed so much since I was there. Although the students are still the same – they are hungry to learn more to better equip themselves in the marketplace. I am also happy that some of the professors are entrepreneurs themselves. This gives them more credibility to teach business and marketing.


Real Life Foundation

Topic: YOUnique “Understanding Others by Understanding YOU”

Note: I had a great time with the scholars of Real Life Foundation. Real Life has funded more than a hundred high school and college students in their education. Real Life started small but is now growing by leaps and bounds. My closing was a little unconventional. I told them that no matter where they studied, they can kick even the top 3 school’s butts if they work in excellence.


Gingerbread Prep School

Topic: The YOUnique Child. I taught the parents about the DISC profiles so that they would understand their children more


Chang kai Chek College

Topic: The Entrepreneur Challenge. I encouraged the students to become entrepreneurs and gave them challenges they would encounter along the way.


School Talk: Teacher’s Recess Conference

Topic: Influence for Tomorrow. Spoke to teachers of different campuses on “Influence for Tomorrow”


Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM)

Topic: Leadership Development. Spoke with some friends to around 600 of PLM’s staff including teachers.


Saint Jude Catholic School

Topic: The YOUnique Child. A parenting seminar on YOUnique for 400 parents. This is actually my very first YOUnique seminar. I did this before my book came out. 


University of the Philippines

Topic: Student Leadership 

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St. Claire Montessori School

Topic: YOUnique Parenting. A parenting seminar on YOUnique for 400 parents.

St. Claire

San Beda College

Topic: Entrepreneurship. It’s good that students of business today are required to have a business for them to graduate. Saw many new businesses that looks promising. 

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Finance Convention 2013 in SM Lipa.

Topic: Entreleadership. This event was hosted by La Salle Lipa and attended by more than 10 schools in that area. Around 600 students were there. I was just having fun with the students while teaching them about entrepreneurship, money, and leadership. It’s a shame we weren’t able to take some pictures.

De La Salle Lipa

ABE International Business College in PICC.

Topic: The Need to Succeed. I had the privilege to speak with Pinoy CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida to inspire the graduating students of ABE.


Lifebox Ortigas

Topic: It’s Not About the Money. Your Self-Worth is more important than your Net Worth.


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