Texting while Talking

February 13, 2013



DON”T! It is so common for people to text while the person in front of them is talking. I was just in a meeting yesterday with someone doing exactly that. It is so disrespectful to others yet we do it all the time. Will you text if you are talking to someone important…a person you admire, a well-known celebrity, or your boss? Respect requires giving full attention to the person you are with, no matter who they are.

It’s funny how we would text while in a conversation but fail to answer some text messages for hours, sometimes even days upon receiving a text message. Some don’t even reply at all. Again, will you respond to a text message sent by an important person after a few days? You would probably respond instantly! It just shows that we don’t respect the person if we don’t reply to their text message as soon as we can.

What I’m saying is that we should be present whenever we are with people. Physically present isn’t being present. You can spot couples everywhere who are there but aren’t there with each other. They are having dinner together but the guy is texting someone at work while the girl is posting pictures in instagram.

Oh! By the way, people don’t pray anymore before they eat, they take pictures of the food instead. 





Remember, if you really need to text someone, and you’re talking to a person or a group, ask permission first before you do. And do it only if it’s important. If not, do it later. Simple table manners. Duuuhhh!

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  1. Lara Melissa Cerilo says:

    An eye-opener indeed. I am thankful for this article.