How to Think Like a Leadership Speaker

November 16, 2018



How can you think like a leadership speaker?

  1. Prioritize serving others
  2. Show your integrity
  3. Always focus on what is important



Leadership speakers in the Philippines stand out because they have traits that people can’t help but notice. They have great self-confidence, speak clearly, and know how to make people take them seriously. They seem to have it all. A lot of people want to be like them because they know that those characteristics will help them be in different areas of life, such as school and work.

Sadly, a lot of us can’t seem to have those great traits no matter how hard we try. To become like them, you should also know how to think like a leadership speaker. To think like one, these are things you should do:



Prioritize serving others

Prioritize serving others

Leadership speakers in the Philippines are one of the most selfless people around because they always prioritize serving their audience. They can use a seminar as a way to show off their achievements but they don’t. Each seminar is meant to help solve a common life problem, whether that would be personal finance, dealing with disorganization, etc. Speakers make sure their lessons will help solve the problems their listeners are facing.

A lot of people, most likely including you, prioritize your ego and interests, over other people.  Being egotistic as a leader will be your downfall. No one will listen to or follow anyone who just cares about his needs and will never listen to the opinion of his teammates. Thus, you should choose to be a servant just like leadership speakers for the ones under your care. You should know how to listen to them, be humble, and admit to your mistakes.



Show your integrity

Integrity refers to how strongly you stick with your morals and how honest you are. It is a trait that can be shown differently, depending on the situation. For example, a person with integrity at work will never take a coworker’s output and pretend that she did it. A coach in the Philippines should never take advantage of his clients

Leadership speakers need to show their integrity or authenticity at all times because their advice will never be taken seriously. They need to walk their talk. They show their authenticity by answering the questions and doubts of their audience as clearly and true as possible.

You can also do the same thing in real life. When your team members doubt your integrity and ask voice it to you, answer it and do not back down.



Always focus on what is important

Always focus on what is important

Speakers and coaches in the Philippines succeed because they know what is worth focusing on when they talk. If they just keep rambling about things not related to the seminar they are hosting, audience members will start to see them badly. They speak clearly with focus because they already do with different matters in life.

If you are born scatter-brained, then focusing on what is important may take some practice. To prioritize better, practice getting into the habit of taking a step back and meditating whenever you see yourself getting distracted by different things like social media. Meditating daily has been proven to remove distracting thoughts from your brain.



Key Takeaway

Leadership speakers are admired by a lot of people because of the traits they have. They have self-confidence, speak clearly, and know to make people take them seriously. If you want to be like them so you can be better in different areas of life, then you should know how to think like them.

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