February 10, 2012



This is a relaunch of my blog. I stopped blogging for over a year now. The reason? I wrote a book. I said to myself, I must focus on writing and try to minimize distractions, so I dropped blogging temporarily to concentrate on it. My deadline was June 2010. I finished writing the book January 2012. I was busy prioritizing urgent things that I miss the important ones. Better late than never (nuff said). My book’s release date is this February 2012. In the next few blogs, I will talk about how to effectively do:

Time Management

To Do lists

Setting goals

It took me almost two years to write this book but it was eleven years in the making from the time of its conception. If I had applied these principles, it would have taken me shorter to accomplish my goal. Instead of eleven years in the grid, it would have been half the time. And instead of two years to write, it would’ve taken six months or less. Here goes…

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