what do you have in mind about network marketing or MLM?

September 19, 2012

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I am a supporter of MLM companies. In fact, I do motivational talks and trainings for some of them. Networking is a legitimate business and I’ve seen many successful and inspiring stories in the industry.

Yet like all companies, there are good networking companies and there are bad networking companies. Whenever you make a decision in joining one, use the metaphor of a 4-Legged Horse. A horse with three legs can’t walk; much more if it has only one. It needs four legs to walk on and run with. Here it is:

1) Company. Is the company reputable? Does the leadership’s values align with your personal values?

2) Product. Will you buy the products even without the business opportunity?

3) Marketing Plan. How much does the company pay out in percentage of the sales? Is it too big that there might be danger of overpaying or is it too small that they are not giving enough to their distributors?

4) System. What benefits will you get even if you don’t earn? (Trainings, Relationships, etc) How do they market the company and their products?

Choose wisely =)

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