How Women’s Month Can Inspire Every Leadership Speaker in the Philippines

March 28, 2018



How can Leadership Speakers in the Philippines be inspired by Women’s Month?

  1. Empower the Minority
  2. Promote Equality
  3. Celebrate Strength
  4. Motivate Change


March is a special month to remember women and her capacities beyond the gender she is labeled with. Although this should be done every second and every minute of the year, women’s month is a formal commemoration of the brave women who faced life head on.

This courage has inspired talks by leadership speakers in the Philippines and even around the globe to promote diversity and combat adversity, using these as inspirational tools to motivate people to perform compete with their goals in their workplaces and in common place arenas.

Leadership speakers have the experience both in business and in life to guide those who want to take the same path as theirs. Their impressive credentials paired with their broad insight is the reason why they established authority in their voices – voices that people are compelled to listen to.

Leadership speakers in the Philippines are inspired by a plethora of personalities including many influential women, including their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives or friends.

Here ways leadership speakers can be inspired by Women’s Month.


Empower the Minority

The minority includes not only women but also children, less fortunate, and people of color. Leadership speakers have many opportunities to address them through their speeches. Using this opportunity can work wonders in the overall development of the minority.

That is a great way to empower them, making them feel that someone is listening to them. That they are not just a period in sentences but they are the whole speech. Empowering the minority requires a lot more than empathy, it is transforming their view of the world through the eyes of the leadership speaker.

Speakers can be inspired by women’s month by bringing into mind all the times that women broke free of the shackles of being a minor character into a lead element. They can use the suffragettes as examples of a bent status quo or domestic violence survivors facing society again even if bruised and battered.

Promote Equality

Leadership speakers in the Philippines have the power to dispel discrimination in all its forms. The success and height of their name is bound to make people stop and think for a while. Women’s month is a great avenue to speak against it.

Promoting equality doesn’t mean pitting the sexes against each other but it means encouraging them to fight alongside each other. Equal opportunities will mean equal successes for everyone. Leadership speakers can inspire women in their talks by making them feel that they are there to listen to them and providing a platform to discuss their issues.

At times, equality is not met because there is a barrier surrounding it. That barrier can be broken by the words and actions stronger than the foundation of discrimination.

Celebrate Strength

Women are great examples of strength. There are many established and household names that can embody brawn in their chosen fields, whether physical, emotional or mental, residing abroad or here in the Philippines. Leadership speakers can use this to make concrete personas to motivate those who need it.

This women’s month will help them inject the many events that women jumped over hurdles and lived to tell the story. Leadership speakers may be inspired to tell these stories laced with theirs so that they can be a great source of motivational strength among others.

Celebrating the power of women to trump over challenges is one way that leadership speakers can be inspired this women’s month. After all, it is not difficult to see that power. You only have to look beside you or look ahead, at your reflection.

Motivate Change

Leadership speakers give talks inspired by change. Growth is not stagnant after all. Before facing hundreds of audiences from diverse backgrounds, they wanted something to change too.

The impact of women’s month prompts change whether instant or gradual through speeches by women and those inspired by women. Change is not like a software you can install right away but these ingredients from leadership speakers and women’s dominant qualities may make this possible.


Key Takeaway

This women’s month can inspire every leadership speaker in the Philippines and globally since it is a tribute to some of the society’s strongest people. Drawing inspiration from women is easy because they are a huge part of anyone’s life not only as a leadership speaker but as a person as well. Leadership speakers speak from experience and they can reach out to their audience of women or men by speaking up about these brilliant traits.

Use this opportunity to thank the women of your life for being headstrong despite of turbulences in their lives and bask in their grace as they go through the many victories that comes with being a woman.

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