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January 20, 2012

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“Character is seen when no one is looking.”

A Husband was watching T.V. when he felt a sharp pain at his back; when he turn around it was his wife with a cooking pan.

Husband: Why did you hit me?

Wife: I was fixing your things and I found a piece of paper with the name Isabella. Who is she?

Husband: Isabella…don’t you know that if it wasn’t for Isabella we won’t have any food on the table?

Wife: What do you mean?

Husband: Isabella is the name of the horse I bet on…We WON!

Wife: Oh is that true?

Husband: Yes! Next time ask me first before you accuse me of anything.

After one month, the husband was watching T.V. again when he felt a sharper pain at his back; when he turn around it was his wife with a bigger cooking pan.

Husband: Why did you hit me again?

Wife: Your horse…Isabella…is on the telephone.

How many problems occur because of character issues? Ability will bring you success and give you a head start in the short term; but it is character in the long term that will make that level of success sustainable. Character is vital for maintaining a long-term relationship with your employees, your investors, your suppliers, everybody!!!

Character can be synonymous to trust. Trust is the foundation of all relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship, whether you think you do or not. You can build it for years but lose it for a night. It’s hard to secure but easy to destroy. It is established by making countless good decisions but can crumble with just a bad one.

Some may believe that subjects like character, integrity, or trust is only useful for motivational talks. I beg to disagree. Having character can be very profitable. I’ll share a tried and proven formula on my next blog that will utterly change your mind.

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