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August 29, 2013



YOUnique Youth

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This is my second book in the YOUnique series. YOUnique is about knowing who you are, as the tagline implies, “Understanding others by understanding you.” It introduces us to the four characters of YOUnique and their respective personality traits.

The first book has a broad application; the one you’re holding is for the youth, within the age bracket of 12-22 years old. If you are a high school or college student, my goal is to catch both your attention and make it work hand in glove.

Here are the majority of comments I get after teaching the D-I-S-C personalities to a group, whether it is a business, a non-profit organization, university, or even a direct-selling company:

This should have been taught in school!

If only I knew about this when I was younger, I could’ve avoided many of the problems I have today.

I want my family to know this so we can understand each other. I finally understand my parents (Or my brother, or my sister, or my spouse.)

Wow!!! (Yes, that is a comment.)

Whenever I get invited to do talks for schools, the question that I usually get is “What is a good career for me?” or “What is a good business for me to get into?”

My reply would be — “I don’t know. You’re the one who should know!”

Your experiences are not my experiences, your family is not my family, and your friends are not my friends. I didn’t go to the school you attended or the community you are part of, and so on. It simply means that I am not YOU.

A good way to find out what you should be doing with your life today and the years to come is to discover who you are and others around you. Self-discovery is one of the joys of living.

I read this story from the book, L.O.V.E. Putting Your Love Styles to Work for You. This is a true story of a lost ring that took six decades before it was found:

Violet Bailey and her fiancé Samuel Booth were strolling through the English countryside in 1941, deeply in love. A diamond engagement ring sparkled on Violet’s finger — her most treasured possession.

But they had a major argument that led Violet to pull the diamond engagement ring from her finger, and hurl the treasured possession with all her might into the field. The ring fell under the grass in such a way that it was impossible to find.

Violet and Samuel eventually made up. Their argument, both agreed, was foolish. Desperate to recover their lost ring, they walked and walked through that field hunting for it. They never found it.

Two months later, they were married. They had a child and eventually a grandson. Part of their family lore was the story of the lost engagement ring. Everyone knew about it, even decades later.

Violet and Samuel grew old together and in 1993, Samuel died. Fifteen years passed, but the ring was not forgotten. One day, Violet’s grandson had an idea. Perhaps he could find his grandmother’s ring with a metal detector. With a newly purchased detector in hand, he went to the field where Violet had hurled her treasured possession 67 years earlier. After two hours of searching, he finally found it.

Later, with immense joy and pride, the grandson placed the diamond ring into the hand of his astonished grandmother Violet. The treasured possession has finally come home.

Can you imagine discovering what you’ve been hoping to find for more than six decades?

After reading this book, I hope you will finally discover something more valuable than a lost ring, and you don’t have to wait for six decades or spend your whole life trying to look for it.

Through this book, you can discover who you are and how you are wired by God. Discovering who you are is a journey, a journey that can start here. Let me be your guide in this adventure of self-discovery.

This is just the starting point. We are all works in progress. Discovering one’s self is a lifetime journey. Just like what leadership guru, John Maxwell, said in one of his books, Your Road Map for Success “Success is a journey, not a destination.” To paraphrase, “Self-discovery is a journey, not a destination.” Your journey starts here.



As of this writing, I am 35 years old, married, with two adorable daughters — Gabbie, my eldest, is five years old and Alexa is three years old. But even though I am 35 years old now, I was once young like you.

I was a happy-go-lucky student who didn’t care much about academic performance. At fourth year high school, I ranked 49th out of 52 students in our class and almost did not graduate in that school semester. In college, I jumped from four different schools in six years. If only I had a mentor who cheered me on and guided me towards the right path. If I could go back in time, that is one thing that I would’ve changed… taking my studies seriously.

I was a rebel. I had many vices that almost ruined me — from drinking, smoking, gambling, and others that I would rather not mention. I left our house for three years and lived with my sister because I couldn’t get along with my mom. I hated my family.

My life changed when I was 22 years old. I was transformed from a person who would likely amount to nothing into someone who dreamt of great things. It happened when I met people who exemplified excellence and character — they became my role models. Some of them even became my closest friends. They have helped me become who I am today. Without them, I would’ve failed.

I don’t know if we will ever meet, so allow me to be a mentor to you through this book the way my mentors have been to me. I will tell you the story of how I earned my first million at 22 years old and how I lost everything at the age of 30. It taught me that failure makes us stronger, and we should not be afraid to fail. I will share with you my first kiss with Kat, now my wife. How I changed from a guy who was jumping from one relationship to the next, into a one-woman man when I met my bride-to-be. I will share my tale as a teenager who hated school that turned into a man who loves and values learning.

These stories are personal; my goal is to inspire you through my life story. Although I will be sharing my life story, it’s ironic that this book is not about me… it’s about YOU, thus the title YOUnique YOUth!

This book will help you understand yourself and others. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Knowing the four D-I-S-C personalities changed my life. It is my hope and prayer that it will change yours as well.

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