Speaking Strategies that Moves the Heart and Inspires Action

How to effectively adapt your communication style and strategies to the New Normal. Leverage proven techniques that inspire action and create the impact that you've always wanted. You can never go back to the Status Quo. You need to stand out and rise up to the occasion, not only to survive, but wildly thrive in the NEW Normal. Take the lead and be the voice of hope and transformation that your audience is craving for! This is your time to step into your platform of life.

Power Presentation Skills That Inspires Action

  • Communicate with Clarity, Confidence and Contagious Passion that your audience cannot resist.
  • Effectively read the crowd and context of any speaking opportunity to maximize your desired result.
  • Be the voice that everyone listens to even in a crowded and chaotic space.
  • Craft a message that speaks to the core of your audience and compels them to respond.

Discover A Proven Presentation Framework That’s Always Relevant

With over 1000+ talks in a decade, Jayson will teach you the most effective speaking tools in his arsenal. You will leverage your YOUnique
style to cut through the noise, engage your audience and speaks to their core.

  • Find your core message and bring inspiration to any given situation.
  • Establish the right foundations and silence every critic.
  • Understand the diffirent types of speaking opportunities.
  • Discover your YouNiuque speaking style and use your natural giftings as an unfair advantage.
  • Effectively use verbal and non-verbal communication to hook your audience and help them feel the message of your heart.

Guaranteed to Up Level Your Speaking Skills In Any Opportunity

At the end of the 2-Part Session, you will have the tools to be an engaging speaker with no dull moment and an irresistible message.

You will know the power and proper use of stories that draws your audience to the heart of your message.

You will have a proven step-by-step guide framework that you can repurpose for any speaking opportunity.

You will have the tools to deliver a dynamic and memorable experience that makes them want more.

Workshop Tuition: Php 750

No Dull Moment. Speak and Present Your Way to a Six Figure Income