Action Follows Purpose

September 24, 2012

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Before you commit to anything, ask yourself what your goal is. Or better yet, identify first your purpose, before you set any goal.

Here’s an example: I went to Lucena last Saturday to conduct a personal finance seminar for the singles of our Victory Fort church. Here’s how I decided if I should go or not.


It’s a 4-hour drive, so 8-hours total back and forth.

I can’t go a day earlier because I have schedules already.

I should leave at 4:30am on Saturday. My session starts at 9am, so there is no time to rest.

I won’t be with my family.

I have a 2pm schedule on Sunday to speak. 

Lets go back to one of my purposes in life —- why am I a Public Speaker? To make a difference in people’s lives and to instill a sense of God in the workplace.

Is it worth to go thru all the trouble of traveling if I can achieve this goal? Yes.

Can I bring my family and spend the rest of the day with them after my session? Yes.

Can I make it for my 2pm schedule the next day? Yes.

Would this activity make me fulfill my purpose in life? Yes.

My questions of whether I should go or not were answered by my Purpose.

Let’s use the same process with you:

Should I take this particular course in college? —- Ask yourself why. What is my life purpose?

Should I start writing a book? —- Same process. 

Should I start this business? —- Again, what is your goal and purpose?

Are you starting a business so that you’ll be rich and famous, or are you doing it because you can add value to others? Check yourself and check your heart. You may seem altruistic upon declaring your purpose to others; but deep down, you may find out that your purpose is incongruent with your actions. “It’s called doing things for the wrong reasons.”

When your life purpose is clear, then your goals will be clear; and when your goals are clear, making decisions will be easier.

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