The Bible says, God created man in his own image. However, philosophers reverse the process; they create God in theirs. God has made us unique and it will be very difficult to refuse that. What makes you and me different? This book helps us understand ourselves and others as well.

Francis Kong

Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker

Jayson delivers 110% each time he gives a talk or workshop. When it comes to public speaking, he gets it.

Carlo Ople

Vice President, Digital Marketing Strategy for PLDT Enterprise and International Carrier Business (EICB)

One emerges full of hope after hearing Jayson Speaks!

Coney Reyes

Award Winning Actress and Host

Learning about the different personality types helped me understand myself better. It has also improved significantly my relationship with my wife, kids & colleagues because of better understanding and improved communication. One day of learning with Jayson Lo will bring you more happiness and a lifetime of stress-free living.

Carl Dy

Property Author, Speaker & Investor