Leadership Speaker Philippines: How to be the ‘Best’ of the ‘Worst’

Leadership Speaker Philippines How to be the ‘Best’ of the ‘Worst’

Every leadership speaker from the Philippines or anywhere around the world can agree that being the ‘best’ in everything you do is enough motivation to strive for everything. After all, being the ‘best’ can only equate to greatness for you as not only can you feel good about it, but a lot of people will also look up to you as a role model to imitate or as a model of inspiration as well. However, while being the ‘best’ can be a great feat to achieve, is it really that easy to do so? Or rather, CAN it be an easy enough goal to achieve?

This is where the subject of failure sets in. In all honesty, experiencing this is inevitable, which is why it is important for humans, in general, to talk about it and accept it as part of their life. Despite the many individuals suggesting that ‘failure is never an option,’ several leadership speakers in the Philippines actually want you to embrace it and to learn from it.

How could you do that, you ask?

Well, you need to learn how to be the ‘worst.’

What exactly is the Worst?

What exactly is the Worst

Of course, when it comes to this particular area of discussion, everyone has their own definition on what’s worst, let alone being just that or the concrete definition they have for that word. With that being said, what exactly is the worst? Or rather, how can one be the worst?

Believe it or not, being the worst or simply bad at something you can do is not always a bad thing. In fact, being bad at something can just open a lot of doors for you in the future or at the very least leave you more ground to train in.

Being the worst is also another thing to consider when aiming for the top spot in anything you do because, as mentioned before, it can help you gain and give so much experience to yourself and to others, which is another thing that can be very much agreed upon by numerous leadership speakers in the Philippines.

In short, being the worst is actually just as good at being the best. Sure, the recognition you can receive may receive is not that great initially—but this could essentially drive you to do better.

The Concept of Being “Bad”

There are numerous ways to be ‘bad’ at anything. It can be as simple as not being able to play basketball properly or not being able to sing properly; it can even be something more complex, such as not being able to comprehend more complicated issues, especially when it comes to work, school, or basically anything that falls under the sun. Whichever way, being ‘bad’ can actually manifest a lot of forms for anyone to absorb, though it may be easier said than done.

Essentially, being ‘bad’ or the overall concept of failure is often seen as a negative thing, which is understandable nonetheless. The fact that you put in a lot of effort into your work and still being under-appreciated or reprimanded at most can really put a damper on anyone’s day and eventually leave an impact on one’s physical, mental, and overall emotional states.

  • Physically

In physical terms, the concept of failure can be a pretty tough pill to swallow. As with what any Philippine leadership speaker can agree on, a good amount of exercise and a healthy diet (which we will get to later) is enough to help you succeed in physical terms. However, with failure around, it can cause quite an effect on your body, which in turn can lead to a significant loss in motivation and, essentially, laziness.

For instance, after experiencing failure, you may end up lying in bed thinking about how you could have done something else to turn the results around. In the end, your body will suffer because you are no longer doing any exercise to maintain your body’s level of fitness. Apart from that, you may also end up losing appetite.

  • Mentally

Mentally speaking, failures’ effects can have a profound effect on one’s mental state. Mild to severe bouts of anxiety, paranoia, and even self-doubt can come creeping in, which in turn can definitely affect your self-image and your flow of productivity.

  • Emotionally

Of course, failure never sits well with anyone’s emotional state. Frustration, sadness, and even doubt can be extremely normal for anyone to feel, but at the same time, negative regardless.

In any case, the concept of being ‘bad’ can definitely have a profound effect on anyone that has experienced it, which is pretty much all of us. Failure can take a lot of time to digest and to understand—either way, it can be overcome.

How to be ‘Bad’ at Everything

How to be ‘Bad’ at Everything

There are a number of ways to be ‘bad’ (at this point, if you’re thinking that this piece is a bit too negative to read, hold your horses). Of course, one thing to always consider when it comes to this is that there are different kinds of strengths and weaknesses that anyone can possess—and with that said, there are always ways to be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ at pretty much anything and everything you can think of.

Here are some of the best examples of things you can be ‘bad’ at:

  • Ability to do Sports

Here in the Philippines, leadership speakers and pretty most Filipinos can agree that sports is one of the best things to ever come into existence. Men and women everywhere are able to express all kinds of happiness and exhilaration when exposed to this kind of atmosphere, all the more when playing any sport there is. Whether it be basketball, volleyball, or something as simple as badminton or tennis, any sport to be played can certainly be anyone’s strength…and weakness.

With that being said, there are certainly a number of people who are not as adept at sports as the majority of others are. In fact, while it may be a bit sad to say, one’s inability to play sports in general is looked down upon, to the point where bullying ensues. Nonetheless, sports can be the kind of thing you can be ‘bad’ at that can give you more than enough room to improve on.

  • Talents

Everyone has their own talents. It could be writing, singing, painting, or otherwise. Each one us treasure the gifts that we have. Admittedly, not all of us are able fully manifest these gifts—and end up not being able to be as good as we would like us to be when it comes to executing our talents.

For example, those who are musically-inclined could still be seen as bad at manifesting their talents, especially when they have yet to reach their full potential. Others may also disagree with the way they perform their music, considering they have their own biases or preferences when it comes to the music they listen to in general.

  • Work

This example is on the more complex and at-times-controversial side of this topic. When it comes to this, there are certainly a number of important things to consider since it’s work in general. First, there are certain deadlines that must be met; second, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish, which can be overwhelming at times; and lastly, the manner of which you choose to accomplish your tasks can determine the quality of your work.

When it comes to this, being ‘bad’ at your job can definitely be crucial for your line of work. Nonetheless, like all obstacles, it can easily be remedied with a touch of motivation and inspiration, thanks to the numerous leadership speakers around the Philippines to start.

This could also apply to people, who are still doing their studies. Many professors or teachers label their students as good or bad—depending on how they are performing in class. In truth, there are many factors on how they could be classified as a good or bad student; it could be because of the result of their homework, recitation, quizzes, or exams. But you can be sure that those who perform poorly in all those will be labelled as a ‘bad’ student.

Why it’s Absolutely Okay to be ‘Bad’

Now we get to the positive side of the negative. In this case, though being ‘bad’ or being the ‘worst’ at what you do and what you can do can be seen as a general laughingstock, there is absolutely no need to feel shame. This is because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that most of the aforementioned examples of where you can be bad at is entirely up to the standards set by the person or the group of authority. This actually does not mean that you are truly ‘bad’ at the thing itself, but rather just bad at following the given standard.

All in all, being ‘bad’ at those things is not exactly the worst. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  • Room for Improvement

Just because you’re bad at something you do, doesn’t mean that you’re bad overall. Think of it as a means for you to improve. Ultimately, not being the best with whatever it is that you do denotes that you could open more doors for you to be better at it.

  • Explore Other Areas of Expertise

Another reason why being ‘bad’ at something is okay is because this gives you a chance to explore other avenues you could learn and eventually be an expert of. Who knows? You might find one thing that you’re actually in-tune with and are also able to deliver flawlessly.

  • Eases You into a Fearless Mindset

Failure can be a pretty scary thing to consider, especially when one has experienced it a little too much in their lifetime. However, no matter what, failure can be a source of strength and motivation as it can help ease you into a more determined and fearless mindset for any endeavor you should choose to venture into. This is definitely a great way to put a positive mindset into any field of work you choose to dabble in.

Why Failure is Great for Success?

Why Failure is Great for Success

All in all, every leadership speaker in the Philippines and in other parts of the world will definitely agree that one of the key factors to attain success is none other than failure! Failure, while negative in nature, is actually one of the best life-changing experiences anyone can have. It can lead to more opportunities for you and, at the same time, strengthen your self-esteem as a student or as an employee—no matter what occupation you are in.

Regardless of anything negative to be said about failure, leadership speakers in the Philippines and other experts can definitely agree that any form of failure you’ve experienced can be your greatest asset, especially when it comes to being the ‘best of the worst’. Sure, the term itself can be a bit hard to understand given the nature of how it can be said—but nonetheless, being the best of the worst can certainly be the greatest thing to ever come into a person’s life!

Who is Jayson Lo?

Of course, the key to this is none other than motivation. Motivation, together with inspired talks, is something to be treasured as it can help people back on their feet after all the failures they have experienced in their lifetimes. Plus, delivering motivation is something you can consider as hearing the right words from the best person that will certainly change your life for the better—and who better to deliver motivation for success after failure than the very leadership speaker in the Philippines himself? A leadership speaker that is able to woo anyone with words and help anyone struggling with failure back on their feet! That person is none other than the man himself: Jayson Lo!

Having done over 2,000 talks on a wide range of topics, Jayson Lo has quite the extensive resume! Truly educating and entertaining, Jayson Lo is the Filipino motivational speaker you should definitely have in your sights!

Interested in hearing his words of wisdom and motivation? Feel free to book him by clicking here!

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