Why Should You Listen to Filipino Motivational Speakers

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During your high school graduation, your school hired a motivational speaker to deliver a speech. The speech was supposed to equip you with wisdom that will be embedded into your system as you go on with your journey as an individual.

However, were you listening to the speaker? Were you even awake through most of the program?

There are plenty of Filipino motivational speakers, all there is left to do is to listen to them.

To start off, what are motivational speakers?

Like what the job title states, motivational speakers simply motivate their audience through their speeches. They use humor to catch the attention of the audience and later delve on to deeper topics. Various speakers may tackle different specifications, but altogether, motivational speakers aim to stir you to your fullest potential. Talks featuring motivational speakers are often held during graduation, recognition, seminars, or youth camps. Companies hire speakers once in a while for the benefit of their management and staff.

Why Do We Need Motivation?

Why Do We Need Motivation

Imagine owning the newest racing car with the best engine, components, and mileage, but you don’t have gas. It seems like an awful waste of resource right?

The same concept applies to a person’s potential and drives to run. A person is like a car – without motivation as fuel, he/she will not function. Simply put, motivation is having a desire to function. Accomplishing tasks, even simple ones, is difficult if there is no drive to function.

Motivation can emerge from 2 sources, which are:


  • Internal Motivators

These motivators are a person’s personal goals that ultimately push a person to function.

  • External Motivators

These are motivators that people happened to come upon and was not initially thought of by the person.

What do they talk about?

Each motivational speaker has their own field of expertise, but the most common topics for motivational talks are focused on developing personal welfare, improving the workplace, and mentoring the youth.


  • Individual Growth

In guiding the audience to explore and discover their purpose, these speakers are the epitome of a traditional motivational speaker who aims to optimize people’s way of living.

These are the speakers who inspire people to utilize their maximum capabilities and push them to reach their goals.

  • Company Improvement

Companies hire motivational speakers to guide their teams on the proper attitude and perspective towards their work. Co-worker relationships are also strengthened by ushering each specific teams to establish a unified purpose.

Most of the time, the motivational speakers that companies hire have already spent years working in a field similar to that of the company. By doing so, the speakers are able to provide not only motivation but also practical tips and in-depth information regarding the ins and outs of the industry.

In total, Filipino motivational speakers aim to promote the welfare of the staff and improved efficiency and productivity in the company.

  • Youth Guidance

A person’s formative years are crucial in terms of character development. By providing guidance to the youth, common concerns during the adolescent period may be addressed properly.

Typical concerns are school performance, individual purpose, and proper interaction. These type of talks are often held in schools and youth camps.

How can motivational talks influence people?

Different types of talks can influence various people. For motivational talks, there are three main categories of people that they influence. The three groups of people are the general public, company employees, and students.


  • General public

Conferences and seminars are two platforms for motivational speakers to deliver their piece in front of a diverse audience.

  • Restore belief that hard work can bear fruit

There are times in a person’s life when they never seem to accomplish their goals despite their best efforts.

When this happens, it is extremely disheartening and quitting seems like a better option. For people whose spirits are drained, speakers reaffirm them that their efforts are not in vain and also motivate them to continuously perform their tasks.

  • Accept the reality of failure

Failing is an inevitable part of life, and even the hard working people do not succeed sometimes. Those who are already at the top can still fall down.

Most Filipino motivational speakers in the Philippines will mention their fare-share of failure. This shows that failure is not the end, but a step. It is a step towards success. These setbacks are merely preparations for even bigger challenges in the future.

Positive reaffirmation towards future endeavors is what Filipino motivational speakers equip their audience with.

  • Company Employees

When delivering a talk for a specific company, a speaker is influencing an entire organization that has one goal, which is the success of the association.

  • Provide a new point of view

Whenever a motivational speaker is invited by a company, the one-on-one session (or small groups for big companies) is just as important and insightful as the speech for the entire organization.

Through these micro discussions, employees are given the platform to express their queries or concerns that may be aided by the speaker. With a fresher perspective, employees will be reminded that complicated problems do not necessarily require complex solutions.

The speaker can influence the employees into thinking that challenges in the workplace, may it be concerning the workload or relationship with colleagues, can provide an opportunity to grow as an individual or as an employee.

  • Present fresher ideas

Filipino motivational speakers not only feed the hunger of the spirit, but also the hunger of the mind.

It is not unusual for companies to have a stagnant way of approach to things, this is an occurrence that can be aided by motivational speakers. Speakers can equip their audience with the latest techniques or up-to-the-minute ideas.

As much as possible, hire a motivational speaker that has been working in the similar field as the company for years. With the extensive knowledge and point of view of the speaker, he/she can impart to the staff several practical tips. These tips can even be applicable to the operations of the company.

A speaker not only provides new ideas and perspective but also opens up the idea of accepting fresh visions. This type of attitude can prevent a company from being stuck with a stagnant way of thinking.

  • Reenergize the employees

In order for a corporation to succeed, it is essential for the employees to have a positive energy. This positivity will reflect on the employee’s performance, relationship with each other, and the way they represent the company.

By conducting a motivational talk, this positive energy can be replenished. By reminding them of their capabilities and talents, prompts the team to visualize their personal success. Through their inspirations, employees are then fueled to work as best as they can to achieve personal success.

A staff may even discover a hidden talent that could be useful in the company’s operation.

  • Students

For youth camps, motivational speakers ultimately guide the youth in their future endeavors towards adulthood.

  • Ease nervousness

During exam week, the students and even the teachers are stressed out. The stress level of students is heightened by their objective to do well on the assessment exams.

Inviting a motivational speaker prior to the exam week can provide a fresh perspective for the students that may help boost their performance in the tests.

It is especially helpful to point out to the students that if they are well prepared for their exams, then there is no reason to be nervous. If they took their review seriously, then the children may be consoled by the fact that by relaxing, knowledge will naturally flow.

However, just because the students are advised to be less anxious about their exam, that does not mean that they would disregard its value. This is where the motivational speaker’s experience will come into play.

A motivational speaker can be an over-achieving straight-A student with impeccable leadership skills. If the speaker has such a background, the students can be motivated to give their best in all of their task and aspire to be able to do more.

Not all motivational speakers have to be a former straight-A student. If all Filipino motivational speakers are academic achievers, then those students who are far from excelling academically will not be motivated. The speaker can be a former underachiever who will discuss the importance of education in the current society and the result of never giving up.

  • Visualize the future

It is rare for high school students to visualize their situation in the next 5, 10, or 15 years. Most high school students start to discern on their possible college program and career path on their senior year.

Those kids may not even be thinking of their project that is due the next week!

Through the words of the speaker, the children’s focal point can be widened. In this bigger picture, their unchangeable past and undetermined future are now in view.

A motivational speaker can widen the perspective of high school students by laying out their college program options. In-depth scrutiny of a student’s compatibility with certain fields can be done one-on-one with a teacher. While a speaker can provide information on the current job trends and newly surfacing industries that students may not even be aware of.

  • Relating their experience

Most of the time, Filipino motivational speakers share stories about their personal experiences or adversities they have conquered, it is likely that the audience will be able to relate to the anecdote.

For those students who have gone through (or currently experiencing) a similar misfortune as the speaker, they will be inspired to be strong and motivated to push onwards in life. The motivational speaker will serve as a beacon of hope, that circumstances will get better eventually.

Even those students who have not gone through a similar situation can still find wisdom in the tales. In case a similar fate befalls them in the future, they will be equipped with the appropriate attitude when dealing with adversities.

Key Takeaway

To sum it all up, here’s a quick recap.

  • A person’s motivation is similar to a car’s fuel, motivation is needed for a person to function. There are two possible sources of motivation, which are internal and external.
  • An individual’s goals are the internal motivator that will drive that person to make an effort. The external motivators are motivators that are not inherent to the person.
  • Motivational talks also have various kinds, thus resulting in diverse topics and focus.
  • The first topic which focuses on “Individual Growth” talks about achieving personal goals through by utilizing one’s maximum potential.
  • The second topic is centered on the wellness of employees and means of advancement regarding a company’s operation.
  • Lastly, the youth is provided guidance on their possible future endeavors.
  • Talks for the general public teach people that hard work will eventually pay off, and that failure is an unavoidable part of life.
  • Those talks provided for companies can pave way for a new point of views and fresher ideas. Employees are also reenergized with positive energy that is sure to add to the improvement of the company’s efficiency.
  • Motivational speeches are helpful to students especially when the talk is conducted before their examinations since the talk relieves them of their nervousness. With the aid of an adult, it will be easier for high school students to visualize their future for the next 5 or 10 years. Through the speaker’s experience, the students will be able to anticipate and respond accordingly if ever they experience in the future the same fate as the speaker.
  • Motivation is the main source of a person’s effort, which eventually leads to accomplishment. If you want something done, you have to fuel your motivation tank.

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