An Idea is just an Idea

October 7, 2012

Be YOUnique Blog


They say that

“Poor Minds talk about people,

Average Minds talk about events,

Great Minds talk about ideas.”

But today, talking about an idea is somewhat trite because in the information technology age, ideas are everywhere. In fact, I can come up with an extraordinary, mind blowing, out of this world (or galaxy) idea and yet go nowhere because it’s just that…an idea!

Have you ever had this experience — you come up with an idea, only to find out that someone else beat you to the punch by carrying it out? You heave a heavy sigh and say, I thought of that idea first. That person is really lucky.

Well, luck didn’t play any part. It’s just that he/she didn’t let the idea stay as an idea. In other words, “You thought of it, they did it!” 

An idea is just an idea! What’s important is how well you sell your idea that others will buy into and how well you execute the necessary steps to make that idea a reality.

Formula: Idea + Sell + Execute = Accomplishment

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