Manage your time, Manage your Life (part 3)

February 23, 2012

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Peter Drucker, the father of Management Theory, mentioned in his book, Management challenges in the 21st century the word “Purposefully Opportunistic.”

It means that all our actions should be intentional to help our future. Those Intentional actions should be aligned to our purpose and goals in life.

Example: Public Speaking. One of the things I do is Public Speaking. I do inspirational talks, training, and preaching. One thing that people ask me to do that I don’t like doing is hosting. I did some hosting gigs in the past but I don’t think it’s aligned to my purpose. Do I want to be one of the best speakers in the country? YES! Do I want to be one of the best hosts in the country? NO! I don’t think its for me.

Another Example: Starting a business. If I start a loaning business that looks profitable on paper, I have to ask myself if it’s aligned to my purpose of helping people. My answer? I don’t think so. It will only dig a deeper hole for those who will borrow. So even though it can make me buckets of money, it will also drag me away from helping people. So be careful when you look for opportunities. It should always be aligned to your purpose. (Personal Vision and Mission)

Remember these words whenever an opportunity comes along: Purposefully Opportunistic!

P.S. Be careful of opportunities. The worst distractions are opportunities.

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