My Trip to Cebu

May 29, 2012

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I had several talks in Cebu over the weekend, May 26 Saturday.

7am-930am Customer Service Excellence

I’m not a morning person, so I needed 2 cups of coffee to start this one off. The training is for Suntoys International, a company that owns several company-owned and franchised brands in Cebu: Crocs, Yogo Boy, IORA, toys@work, Eyes Candy, and Aquazorb. I had a great time with them, the only problem was the space for the venue was small; but it turned out better because the proximity created an atmosphere of camaraderie.


A few lessons from the talk:

  • The Customer is always right! Wrong!!! The customer is not always right, but you have to make them feel they are.
  • You wouldn’t rob money, but if you are late for work, you are a robber! It’s because you are robbing the company of time in which they pay you to be there.
  • None of you are employees, you are Team Members. A Team Member has ownership. Your role in the store is sometimes more important than the owners because the customers interact with you, not with them.

Next 1pm-6pm Steps to Financial Peace. I gave an hour talk on the Debt Myth:

We continue our personal finance run in Cebu. The crowd consists of upper management, sales, and some business owners. A bit formal, it was a challenge at the onset to make the seminar candid. I brought some balloons as props to pop. Three people almost jumped from their seats when I put a needle thru the first balloon. The formal setting changed into a fun-fest as everyone laughed and enjoyed the change of mood.

  • Personal Finance is 80% Behavior and 20% Head Knowledge.
  • Debt is not a tool; it’s a trap.
  • Life is about fighting, not just winning, because if you want to be a winner, you have to lose first. Failure is a prerequisite to success. Fight for what you love and the people you love. But always remember to fight for the right things.

Last one for the day 7pm-8pm Victory Cebu DC (Discipleship Coach) Talk:

The leaders of Victory Cebu are excited for the next phase where God is bringing them. Pastor Raymund Cañete, the senior pastor, has a golden heart and a fatherly stature that I admire. His love for God shows everytime he speaks, he just exudes so much joy and passion for the Lord. His team of pastors…Zab Panimdim, Alex Rivas, Cesar Bordalba Jr, and Tony Mendoyos (Victory Mandaue) are some of the best in the ministry.

  • We know the one word for Starbucks (Coffee), Toyota (Cars), Xerox (Photocopying machine). But we don’t know the one word for church. The one word for Church is Discipleship, and Discipleship is Relationship.
  • You cannot accomplish something great without a team.
  • Preach the gospel to yourself everyday. Discipleship is your relationship with God and with people.

I had a blast in Cebu! It’s always a humbling experience to have opportunities to serve people.

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