Sleep on It

November 28, 2012

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To “Sleep on it” is a habit I developed when I want to buy something that is worth more than P3,000. I wait for a week before I decide. If one week is not enough, I “sleep on it” again and wait for a couple of weeks. If I forget about it, then it’s not really that important. But if I remember, I would realize that I don’t need that ‘thing’ in the first place. The urge to buy the object of my desire isn’t that strong anymore.

I wanted to buy a pair of Crocs when it first came out. This was at the time when we had a huge debt from our failed business venture. I didn’t tell anyone about it, not even my wife because I knew she would buy me one for a Christmas or birthday gift. I waited — and waited — and waited. I bought a pair of Crocs after a few years, on December 2010, the month we finish paying off all our business debts. I was so happy to buy myself a Crocs Christmas gift. The only problem? Crocs wasn’t that trendy anymore.

This is my first pair of Crocs. I still wear it often.

Recently, I bought a Philippe Charriol bracelet. A Charriol bracelet has sentimental value for me because I had one since high school. After more than a decade, it never looked old. I lost my bracelet while carrying a lot of stuff to our house. I didn’t notice it snapping off my wrist. Sadly, I never found it.

After all this time, I wanted to but another one. Even though I have the money to pay for it in cash, I slept on it. First, I went inside their Trinoma store with the intention of buying. After 10 minutes, I took a deep breath, and went out of the store. I slept on it for a few days. I went inside another Charriol store, this time in SM Megamall. After 10 minutes, I took a deep breath, and went out of the store. I slept on it for a few weeks. Every time I would pass a Charriol store, I didn’t go inside anymore, I just took a deep breath, and went on my way. After a few months, the desire wasn’t that strong anymore.

One day, when we went to Podium, I saw a Charriol store. I went inside just to test myself if my appetite to buy the bracelet was really gone. I looked at my darling once more. I held it again in my hands and asked the sales lady if they give discounts. The sales lady said only if the mall is on Sale. I replied, what a shame, if you give me a discount now I will buy one. She then consented, sir we will actually have a sale in a few days, but we can make an exception for you. We can give you the discount now at 15% off. I looked at my wife; she gave me a slight smirk, then a nod. I bought it! I saved around P2,000 on that transaction.

I used this approach when I bought my Crocs, TV, Charriol bracelet, cell phone, Xbox, car, etc. It is not just for impulse buying; it is also an effective way in making hard decisions. Another way of putting it is “To Delay Gratification,” but I like “Sleep on It” much better because it sounds a lot easier to do.

Remember: If you want to buy something, don’t buy it immediately. Take a deep breath and “SLEEP ON IT” =)

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