The YOUnique Selling Styles with Sunlife

October 31, 2012

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In sales, it’s immaterial if you have a good presentation, it’s even immaterial if you are a good presenter…whats important is how you communicate. 

Communication is two-pronged: It’s how you communicate with yourself and others. But before you attempt to communicate, you should know the 4 personalities.

YOUnique shows you how to understand others by understanding YOU.

Sales is a transfer of emotions. You transfer how you feel about your company and your products to your clients.

In seminars, your best teacher is your seatmate.

In one of the sessions, we divided the participants into their personality type.

The Dominant Eagle Group

The Influential Rooster Group

The Steady Carabao Group

The Corrective Tarsier Group

This program is also good for Strategic Planning. How to have Healthy Conflict.

How to Convince a Steady Carabao

Seminars should be informative and more importantly…experiential!

How to Convince a Dominant Eagle

Maximize your Strengths; Minimize your Weaknesses

Thanks to Mrs. Estella Ng and Sunlife’s Chestnut Branch. I had a Blast! 

May you continue to be the best that you can be as you serve people.

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