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Coney Reyes
Award-Winning Actress

“One emerges full of hope after hearing Jayson speak!”

- Coney Reyes

Award-Winning Actress

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Carlo Ople
Managing Director, Digit-DM9

“Jayson Delivers 110% each time he gives a talk or workshop. When it comes to public speaking he gets it.”

- Carlo Ople

Managing Partner/Director, Digit-DM9

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Ardy Roberto
Co Founder Salt & Light Ventures, Inc and Inspire Phils

“Jayson Lo is an engaging speaker. His delivery is simple and doesn't rely on gimmickry…people leave inspired.”

- Ardy Roberto

Co Founder Salt & Light Ventures, Inc and Inspire Phils

Jayson has done over 2,000 talks in over a decade of public speaking experience. Find out why you should book Jayson Lo as your keynote speaker here...


Jayson Lo is an entrepreneur by heart. He pioneered companies in various industries including direct selling, manufacturing, trading, and the restaurant business. Jayson educates and entertains! He has conducted talks for various groups from all walks of life. His vast experience includes speaking engagements for companies, business conferences, sales rallies, schools, and non-profit organizations, as he endeavors to develop their top asset: PEOPLE. Jayson’s primary aim is for positive life-change and the desire to help others achieve their fullest potential. His presentations are an eclectic of the best from his experience in different industries, extensive research, and study on the subject presented.
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